Guys With Following Qualities A Girl Should Never Date

Girls should be selective in approaching a guy. Infact, girls try to be as selective as possible in terms of dating a guy, but they are confused creatures too. Girls are never static in their thought processes, that leads them to confusion. They think too much, many things at a time, which dilutes their thought processes.

Girls should never be in a hurry to consider a guy suitable for her. It is needed that she should assess him, his characterstics, his thoughts, etc.

There are some type of guys, who are really not at all suitable for any kind of girl. It is because they might have some characterstics that make them unfit to be dated.

The following type of guys here are the ones whom a girl should not date.

1. The Selfish One

Girls should never date a guy who is just concerned about himself and his interests. Even if he is good to you, but selfish to others, doesn’t mean he is a good guy. He’ll be good to you till the time he is interested in you.

A selfish guy is not trustworthy. They always function according to their needs and interests, and not love.



2. The “Sorry” Guy

Never date a guy who frequently uses the “Sorry” weapon. A guy who always makes mistakes and begs for a sorry, isn’t a guy worth dating. After a certain point of time his frequent “sorry’s” will start irritating you.

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So it will be a better idea to keep such type of guys aside.


3. Moody Man

Girls should avoid dating a guy who is a moody. Men generally don’t get mood swings like girls, but if one is a moody guy then its certain that the couple won’t have a good equation. The man who functions according to his mood, is incapable to hold a relationship.

Dating a moody guy is disadvantageous because his mood good/bad will affect your relationship.


4. The Emotional Fool

Guys who are too much emotional can pass off as good friends, good persons, but not as good boyfriends. No girls wants a senti-behaving fellow around her. Girls should not date a guy who is sort of a ‘Cry baby’,  i.e who gets sentimental on slightest of things. A bit of toughness in a guy is very necessary indeed.

Its not like that you should date an emotional less person either. Both cases are unfavourable when the guy is too emotion or too plain.


5. The ‘Joking Always’ Guy

These type of guys are a strict NO, when it comes to be in a relationship. Girls should never date such guys who always have a tendency to joke upon things. They’ll seldom take things seriously in life. A healthy relationship requires maturity, understanding and stability. These kind of guys are generally incapable of holding a relationship for long. Sometimes they might also hurt you intentionally and then would simply escape by saying ” It was just a joke”. You might get irritated at them frequently too.


6. The Miser

Girls should never date a person who is a miser. Its good if a guy has a habit of saving, but a miser can’t be tolerated for long. Every girl wants and deserves to be treated as a queen by her partner, but a miser would never make you feel that way. He might make you feel embarrassed in front of others.

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7. The Spineless Guy

A man who cannot take a stand for himself or for his girl, doesn’t deserves much respect. A spineless person is not at all worthy to be trusted. Girls should never date a spineless guy. He won’t stand for you, by you, in any case.

A spineless guy won’t take a stand for himself either, because they lack confidence. Thus it is advisable that its better to be single than date a spineless guy.

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8. The Over Possessive Guy

Girls should never date an over possessive guy. Over possessive guys make it hard for girls to survive in a relationship by their actions and thinking. Its true that a bit of possessiveness is healthy in a relationship, but being over-possessive is never helpful. It would surely have bad effects on relationships. Over-possessive guys just think about themselves and not about your happiness and social life.


9. The Narrow Minded One

A narrow minded guy can never help you grow in your life. He will always confine you with his narrow thoughts. So it is advisable for girls to never date a narrow minded guy. A narrow minded guy can never understand your dreams, aspirations and likes/dislikes. A narrow minded guy would judge a girl according to his level of thinking. Therefore, it is better not to be in a relationship where thoughts don’t connect.



These few points would surely help you, as a girl, to choose you partner wisely. It would definitely guide you and prevent you from being in a wrong relationship.